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ShopFront Overview

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ShopFront provides a turnkey solution for creating e-commerce websites. ShopFront allows you to achieve an online presence quickly and cost-effectively so that your business can take advantage of the booming online retail market without the need to employ web designers.

Key features and benefits of ShopFront include:

  • Full integration with the core AP21 system
  • Compatibility with all modern web browsers
  • Optimisation for usability and speed
  • Ability to be customised to suit your brand image

Available Modules

  • Loyalty Program

    Design customer loyalty programs to target specific customer groups using information gathered at POS and stored in the AP21 system.

  • Retail Promotions

    Apply temporary price adjustments for retail promotions such as buy 1 / get 1 free, or buy 3 shirts and get 25% off.