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Remote Ordering Overview

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AP21 Remote Ordering allows wholesale customers and sales agents to place sales orders from anywhere in the world. Orders can be placed in real-time using an internet connection. Alternatively, sales agents can capture sales orders offline when a connection to the core system is unavailable, with orders being imported into the system at a later stage.

Key features and benefits of AP21 Remote Ordering include:

  • Creation and updating of sales orders in the core system from orders entered remotely, with no rekeying
  • Allocation of orders to available stock or production, depending on business rules, as the orders enter the core system
  • Ability to view product details when ordering over the internet
  • Real-time credit control and order confirmation for internet orders

Available Modules

  • Offline Sales Order Entry

    Capture sales orders when connection to the core system is unavailable.

  • Internet Sales Order Entry

    Real-time sales order entry via internet connection to the core system.