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Effective planning, efficient tracking and accurate costing are integral parts of developing a successful product range. AP21 provides the tools to achieve this. AP21 allows product developers to create and maintain detailed product specifications, including bills of material, costing, grading and making details, barcoding, pricing and product images. Products can be tracked through multi-stage development lifecycles. A key difference between Apparel21 and many other fashion business solutions is support for true colour and size tracking. Each product is associated with a size/colour matrix that negates the need to create numerous product records for each colour/size combination. Hence setup, maintenance and tracking overheads are reduced across the entire product lifecycle.


Key features of the AP21 product development planning capabilities include:

  • Full MRP calculations including delivery, production and supplier lead times
  • Automated purchasing of raw materials from MRP calculations with manual override
  • Ability to incorporate sales forecasts in MRP and production planning
  • Automatic creation of production orders using sales quantities


Key features of the AP21 product development tracking capabilities include:

  • Multiple production stage tracking, including multiple suppliers
  • Issue and return of raw materials by stage
  • Recording of shortages and overs by stage and reason code for loss analysis
  • Summary production status reports by stage


Key features of the AP21 product development costing capabilities include:

  • Automatic calculation and posting of variances for raw material over/under consumption
  • Postings generated by stage for real time WIP valuation and cost centre analysis
  • Support for once off / setup costs and overheads
  • Inclusion of importing charges for offshore CMT production
  • Automatic handling of variances for production damages, seconds and raw material substitution

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Available Modules

  • Customer & Supplier Management

    Record & manage customer & supplier details, such as contact information, terms of trade & preference rankings.

  • Product Entry, Pricing & Costing

    Create & maintain records for raw materials, finished & concept products. Set pricing & establish production/sourcing costs.

  • Product Design & Development

    Create & use product specifications and grading rules based on predefined templates to reduce work effort & improve efficiency.

  • Local Purchasing

    Manage & track sourcing of raw materials, finished goods & purchase of services from local suppliers.

  • Import Purchasing

    Manage importing of raw materials, finished goods & purchase of services from foreign suppliers. Apply & track import duties & costs.

  • Production

    Create & maintain bills of material with details maintained by style, colour and/or size including a list of production stages & services.