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Effective planning, efficient tracking and flexible reporting are integral to driving sales, delivery performance and cost control. AP21 provides the tools to achieve this. AP21 allows your business to get the most out of your existing resources by providing supply chain management, sales process automation and sales analysis in a single, integrated environment. Pre-allocation of stock, linking of sales to production orders, detailed costing functions, fully integrated EDI functionality and detailed sales reporting are just some of the powerful tools that Apparel21 provides for apparel distribution businesses.

Supply Chain Integration

AP21 provides apparel distribution businesses with the following supply chain integration capabilities:

  • Linking of sales and production orders for better visibility of date issues and pre-allocation of stock
  • Automatic generation of production orders based on sales quantities
  • Just-in-time ordering for stock service businesses based on forecast sales
  • Detailed costing functions including import charges and other overheads for more accurate initial margin estimates

Sales Process Automation

AP21 provides apparel distribution businesses with the following sales process automation capabilities:

  • Fully-integrated EDI functionality with flexible document definition for importing orders directly from customers
  • Web-browser based ordering function for remote agents, reps or customers, with real-time stock information
  • E-mail based ordering function for agents or reps to enter orders without the need for a live internet connection
  • Automated report scheduling function for sending reports (e.g. free stock reports) to agents or reps without user intervention
  • Real time PDA-based stock enquiry and CRM modules for agents or reps using PDA phones

Sales Analysis

AP21 provides apparel distribution businesses with the following sales analysis capabilities:

  • Fully-customisable category structure (e.g. season, brand, product type, territory, customer type etc.) available across all reports
  • Flexible Sales Analysis report writer - choose fields and layout options
  • Choose what level of detail to report (e.g. stock keeping unit, style, season)
  • Real-time integration (with drill down) to the financials module
  • Automatic sales commission calculations and reporting

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Available Modules

  • Customer & Supplier Management

    Record & manage customer & supplier details, such as contact information, terms of trade & preference rankings.

  • Product Entry, Pricing & Costing

    Create & maintain records for raw materials, finished & concept products. Set pricing & establish production/sourcing costs.

  • Local Purchasing

    Manage & track sourcing of raw materials, finished goods & purchase of services from local suppliers.

  • Import Purchasing

    Manage importing of raw materials, finished goods & purchase of services from foreign suppliers. Apply & track import duties & costs.

  • Inventory Management

    Manage inventory levels, receiving of goods into warehouse, packing & despatch of goods to retail chain or customer base.

  • Wholesale Ordering & Invoicing

    Allocate stock to sales orders, issue production or purchase orders & invoice fulfilled orders.

  • Basic Stock & Purchase Planning

    Specify & manage stock levels & stock unit information. Plan stock purchases based on current stock levels & sales forecasts.